In 1977, NAGOYA AIR CONDITIONG AND REFRIGERATION CO., LTD. was founded in Hong Kong, and in 1991, it set up a plant in Dongguan, Guangdong. The Company has developed into a professional and modern manufacturer of central air........

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Contact: Hanxi Mo (Sales Manager)

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There are 150 employees in Nagoya Company. Included 23 management staff, 12 R&D personnel, 20 sales staff, which MBA management education 4 people, 3 graduate, 4 returned students, 6 undergraduate, 38 junior college students. Production staffs are all high school, technical school or above, these high educated staff created our Nagoya Company is always a positive energy team.

Nagoya air conditioning adheres to specialization and differentiation of the development path more than 30 years. As 30 years of accumulation and continuous innovation, Nagoya gets strong core competitiveness in products, technology, brand and talent etc.


Dongguan Nagoya Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Co., Ltd.

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